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Day 1

KEYNOTES: Vic Pisani, CLEAResult and Mary Kipp, El Paso Electric

  • The Power to Evolve – Vic Pisani, CLEAResult

As our increasingly connected world gets taken for granted, customers expect more from their utilities than simply delivering safe, reliable power. To stay competitive in an ever-evolving landscape, utilities must learn to adapt by navigating the three layers of change: customer engagement, technology advances, and changing utility business models.

  • Innovation Today for the Customers of Tomorrow – Mary Kipp, El Paso Electric

As customer needs change, utilities must be constantly seeking methods to better deliver new and innovative energy services. Hear about the different ways utilities develop to meet evolving customer demands through new technologies, programs that expand renewable energy, smart community initiatives and diverse energy models.

Moderated by Larry Pearl, Utility Dive

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The Building Blockchains of the Future

  • Mike Ashley, Clean Energy Blockchain
  • Colin Gibbs, CLEAResult

While the bitcoin debate rages on, the power-hungry technology behind it is clearly here to stay. Join us as we break down exactly what blockchains are, what they aren’t, and how utilities can prepare for a blockchain-driven future.

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Programs, Pilots and Prophecy: Reaching Lower Income Customers Today and Tomorrow

  • Adam Greenwade, Tendril
  • Frank Rapley, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Frank Vetri, Public Service Electric and Gas Company
  • Brenda Hunt, CLEAResult

For many lower-income customers, saving energy may seem beyond their grasp. Join the conversation to discover both new and tried-and-true solutions for how best to reach and serve customers who are most in need.

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Utility Executive Plenary: Managing a Changing Industry

  • Bill Murray, Dominion Energy
  • Phil Nevels, ComEd
  • Chris Porter, National Grid
  • Elizabeth Weiner, CLEAResult

What will our industry look like in the next 10 years? 20 years? What are utilities doing in the face of ongoing change? Hear the answers to these questions and more directly from leading energy executives.

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Omni-Channel Marketing: From Customer Engagement to Customer Delight

  • Julie Dietrich, KCP&L
  • Kelly Kuhle, CPS Energy
  • Harish Munagala, CLEAResult

To be successful in today’s saturated media landscape, a marketing campaign needs to connect to customers wherever they are. From mobile to point-of-purchase, we’ll provide a framework to engage customers through modern, omni-channel marketing.

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Less Cost, More Savings: Why Midstream is a High Priority

  • Erin Engelkemeyer, Eversource Energy
  • Kenneth Randazzo, DTE Energy
  • Rebecca Roberts, Con Edison
  • Jim Johnson, CLEAResult

As utilities are under rising pressure to deliver higher energy savings at lower and lower costs, sophisticated midstream programs have become essential to delivering upon increasing expectations. Hear how a series of program design changes and technology improvements helped several utility program administrators get the most out of their midstream programs.

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Data-Driven Solutions That Really Click

  • McGee Young, Open EE
  • Tom Martin, TROVE
  • Adam Stotz, TROVE
  • Colin Gibbs, CLEAResult

Discover how to take your residential and commercial customer outreach to the next level with targeted marketing automation strategies, based on load profile, monthly or hourly consumption data, and other data driven indicators.

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How Utilities Can Rule the Road with Electric Vehicles

  • Scott Fisher, Greenlots
  • Domingo Miranda, Burns & McDonnell
  • Brandy Brown, CLEAResult

As more utilities roll out their own electric vehicle programs, what was once just a lot of talk is now a certifiable trend. Join us as we delve into the real-world data, solutions, challenges and success stories behind innovative programs—and discover what it means for the future of utility-led EV programs.

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Day 2

Powers of Diversity: How to Capture and Leverage Diversity in DSM

  • Anne Carter, Alliant Energy
  • Jim Jerozal, Nicor Gas
  • Nick Mark, CenterPoint Energy
  • Kristol Simms, Ameren Illinois
  • Richard Genece, CLEAResult

As the energy industry adapts to changes in technology, customer expectations and an ever-shifting political landscape, we lag behind when it comes to understanding and capturing the benefits of diversity. We’ll discuss how utilities have successfully leveraged diversity to target hard-to-reach customers, identify and groom talent, and drive better business decisions. Achieving diversity can positively impact your business—through revenue contribution, job creation, innovative solutions and earned income.

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Living on Smart Street: Simplified Approaches to Smart Home Energy Management

  • Aaron Berndt, Google
  • Daniel Cronin, Environmental Protection Agency
  • David Tabata, AEP Ohio
  • Emily Kemper, CLEAResult

Smart homes offer an undeniable potential for utilities, yet the complex political and logistical landscape surrounding them has made it a challenge to incorporate a smart home approach into residential programs. This session will look at real-world success stories to dive into the trends, challenges and opportunities of smart homes.

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Making Customers a Part of Grid Modernization

  • Lorraine Akiba, LHA Ventures
  • Rachel Gold, ACEEE
  • McGee Young, Open EE
  • Tod O’Connor, CLEAResult
  • Moderated by Brett Simon, Wood Mackenzie

The grid is in need of modernization, but determining just how to do it is a constant source of debate. Don’t miss a productive conversation on how flexible demand side resources can help modernize the grid, empower customers, and lower system costs.

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Playing the Long Game: Building Lasting Relationships with Customers

  • Todd Carlson, Dal-Tile Corporation
  • Danny Grady, City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  • Jason Lee, CLEAResult
  • Keri Macklin, CLEAResult

In this hands-on, participant-centered workshop, we’ll facilitate the commercial and industrial customer relationship conversation between utilities, addressing questions like, why do utilities want to engage C&I customers, how are utilities engaging these customers, and what do customers really want ? With support from our Strategic Energy Management (SEM) and Key Accounts experts, we invite you to join our interactive discussion to better understand the needs of your customers, the goals of engagement, and how to build trust and long-lasting relationships.

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Day 1

Keynote: Aziz Virani, CLEAResult

“From energy as a commodity to energy as a service: Giving customers more of what they want and enabling utility growth”

CEO and President Aziz Virani welcomes attendees to the 2017 CLEAResult Energy Forum with a keynote on how utilities can incorporate what your customers want (convenience, control and connectedness) with the much–needed services you already provide in order to mutually benefit.

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Keynote: Chuck Caisley, KCP&L

“I watch a lot of baseball on the radio”

As chief customer officer, Chuck leads the Energy Solutions and Public Affairs areas for KCP&L, an electric utility company serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. Chuck will discuss a future where DSM, storage, distributed generation and customers enable unparalleled grid efficiency and tap into exponential value creation across the entire ecosystem.

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EE in today’s political climate: New policies, new possibilities

Given the erratic early months of the current administration, how are utilities coping with the pervasive uncertainty about energy policy? What’s the best response? How is federal action or inaction impacting the states?

  • Adam Cooper Institute for Electric Innovation
  • Sue Gander National Governors Association
  • Kevin Myles U.S. General Services Administration
  • Doug Lewin CLEAResult

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DR shifting to DERs: Opportunities and challenges

Is demand response grid management too narrowly focused on load shed? Should utilities and regulators look to a more comprehensive load management approach powered by distributed energy resources? How will the emergence of the Internet of Things impact load management? We’ll discuss these questions and present key takeaways from the DER-centric approaches taken by early adopters.

  • Chris Carradine ecobee
  • Dain Nestel CLEAResult

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Smart homes: From DSM programs to resilient communities

With our industry moving fast toward connected homes and the Internet of Things, utilities are looking more and more for the infrastructure models of the future. We’ll bridge the gap between market solutions cropping up organically and hear directly from a future-model smart home builder.

  • Franck Rougier Kirio
  • Steve Weise Leading Force Energy & Design Center
  • Emily Kemper CLEAResult
  • Mark Jerome CLEAResult

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Customer loyalty and engagement: Beyond customer satisfaction and J.D. Power scores

Simply tracking satisfaction scores isn’t a good indicator of business health. Customer loyalty can be a far more accurate metric, but it’s not a quick turnaround process. In this session, you’ll gain a better understanding of the drivers of customer loyalty, and the steps utilities can take to both track and improve it.

  • Nathan Shannon Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
  • Sal Shukla CLEAResult
  • Stephanie Cole CLEAResult

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Utility executive panel: Managing a changing industry

What will the future of our industry look like? What are utilities doing in the face of ongoing change? Hear the answers to these questions and more directly from leading energy executives.

  • Michael Quinn Oncor
  • Bruce Edelston Southern Company
  • Cindy Herron Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Doug Lewin CLEAResult

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Reimagining DSM through the lens of metered efficiency

Not all utilities have smart meters, but every utility has billing data. Using this data to effectively “meter” energy efficiency, we can gain near real-time feedback on the performance of a program. We’ll discuss this, as well as the opportunities metered efficiency introduces — from measuring savings by housing stock to incorporating performance incentives for high performing contractors.

  • Matt Golden Open EE Meter
  • Colin Gibbs CLEAResult
  • Mike Burke CLEAResult

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Influencer marketing: Who’s driving your brand message?

In this session, you’ll learn how to identify social influencers, incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy and reach younger generations with your brand’s message.

  • Rebecca McCuiston Edelman
  • Susan Jamison Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Ryan Fantino CLEAResult

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Strategic Energy Management: How behavior-based programs build a culture of efficiency and result in savings

There are a wealth of no cost/low cost energy savings opportunities companies overlook on a daily basis. Behavior-based programs provide the structure and support to focus an organization and achieve significant savings. With perspectives from customers, implementers and a utility, we will explore what makes SEM successful at saving energy, building customer satisfaction, and paving the way for a more efficient future.

  • Andy McCabe AEP Ohio
  • Paul Batchelder New Caney School District
  • Richard Brown Noble Research Institute
  • Sam Day CLEAResult
  • Wendy Gibson CLEAResult

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Marketing automation: Unleashing the power of customized customer communications

With so much information bombarding customers from every direction, how can we ensure that the right message reaches the right customer through the right channel? Marketing automation affords utilities the opportunity to create omni- and cross-channel programs that engage customers and result in greater customer satisfaction and marketing ROI.

  • Cristina Fernandez Nicor Gas
  • Stephanie Cole CLEAResult
  • Harish Munagala CLEAResult

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Day 2

Getting the rules right: Regulatory innovation in 2017 and beyond

Learn what some states are doing to align utility regulations with state policy goals, like energy efficiency — improving utility prospects along the way. We’ll explore the innovations in key states that are leading to greater system efficiency, lower costs, greater shareholder value and happier customers.

  • Manish Rukadikar DTE Energy
  • Chris Walls BGE
  • Maggie Molina ACEEE
  • Domingo Miranda ComEd
  • Elizabeth Weiner CLEAResult

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Digital customer experience: Moving from UI to UX

During this informal discussion, representatives from ComEd, Nest and CLEAResult will talk about breaking down the barriers to building real relationships with customers in the digital era.

  • Julie Hollensbe ComEd
  • Aaron Berndt Nest
  • Sean Weitner CLEAResult

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Electrifying transportation: Overcoming the barriers to adoption

While electric vehicles could save low-to-moderate income populations a substantial amount of money in fuel and maintenance, market barriers such as upfront costs and a lack of awareness has stifled their adoption. Find out how programs are addressing these issues, how utilities can help increase EV adoption within low-to-moderate income communities and how rates can be designed to accommodate these customers.

  • Ken Colburn Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Tom Ashley Greenlots
  • Karl Popham Austin Energy
  • Holly Benz CLEAResult

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VW and beyond: Proven NGV business models (natural gas)

Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have experienced significant gains in performance, efficiency and emissions reductions, while continuing to be a cost-effective alternative fuel choice. The Volkswagen Settlement and state incentive programs are creating compelling cases for fleets to use NGVs. Learn how fleets and fueling providers – private industry, public entities and utilities – are taking advantage of these opportunities.

  • Sherrie Merrow NGVAmerica

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Reaching low-to-middle income customers with cost-effective programs (natural gas)

The low-to-middle income customer segment can often be the most difficult audience for a utility to connect with. By partnering with a state-funded grant program, SEMCO and CLEAResult have developed an outreach program that works for all parties involved.

  • Jennifer Dennis SEMCO

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Grid modernization: Incorporating smart technologies

Efforts to modernize the grid focus primarily on transmission and distribution technologies. But what about behind-the-meter solutions? And how might they be used to create lower costs, higher reliability, better regulatory outcomes and, ultimately, happier customers?

  • Shawn White Xcel Energy
  • Mark Dyson RMI
  • Greg Adams Salt River Project
  • Joanne O’Neill CLEAResult

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Driving engagement and innovation in gas-centric industrial markets and beyond (natural gas)

How do you design an industrial gas efficiency program to ensure robust energy savings pipelines? How do you innovate in an industry riddled with regulation but facing aggressive energy targets? We’ll explore these questions with the largest gas utility in the US.

  • Darren Hanway SoCal Gas
  • Laura Cummings CLEAResult

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Successes, trials and lessons learned: Discussing new pilots with Nicor Gas (natural gas)

In this chat-style session, we’ll talk about the benefits of pilot programs in determining market transformation and core portfolio adoption, and ultimately leads to deeper engagement with customers. And how collaboration with key stakeholders can maximize the impact of new low/moderate income, multifamily, behavioral and SEM pilots.

  • James Jerozal Nicor Gas
  • Andy Mitchell CLEAResult

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Exploring new approaches to pre-pay and low-income program designs

There are various models for low-income program delivery, and each of them works with varying degrees of success. We’ll discuss these. And could a pre-pay model work for you and your customers? Learn about this radical new method for payment and collection, and its behavioral EE applications.

  • Carrie Harkness Consumers Energy
  • Shaun Wright Community Homeworks
  • Guillermo Diaz CLEAResult

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